I love Kimber....... Clever As The Devil rocks!!!!! - Sherrilynn1973

Clever As The Devil: Kimber Cassidy Mysteries #1

Clever As The Devil: Kimber Cassidy Mysteries #1


For right now, Kimber just plans to drown out the pain, mourning the tenth anniversary of her father’s death—until an unexpected encounter turns her life upside-down. Because of her police detective father, Kimber has experienced her share of investigative methods and deductive know-how, but nothing prepared her to confront a real-life murderer who’ll stop at nothing to get what they want! Now, survival depends on solving two impossible crimes, uncovering a dark secret, and convincing Lou Matthews, the local loutish detective, that she’s not guilty of murder—before it’s too late!

Clever As The Devil is an exciting twisty mystery, full of tingly suspense, sexy thrills, and a maze of clever clues and conundrums that are sure to keep you turning pages late into the night. In this, her fourth published work, Judith Anderson proves there’s plenty of room for Kimber Cassidy, the big, beautiful and brilliant sleuth, who’s 33% Sam Spade, 33% Sherlock Holmes, 33% James Bond and 40% more woman than Wonder Woman!

Cover : AAD Cover Design
Model : Sunny Tammy Shine
Model photographer : Kim Harris

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